Code of Conduct

We respect

  • all staff members of the school by word and demeanour. our fellow students even though they may not be older and smarter.
  • and do not bully, harass and rag others and do not encourage the same.
  • authority and rules and regulations of the school, heritage and legacy of our country.
  • and appreciate the amenities and facilities provided by the school and the society at large.
  • and never distort or misrepresent the content, photos, videos or other media without permission of the concerned.
  • and do not impose our cultural and religious values on others.

We are honest

  • in allotted tasks and complete them with full fervour.
  • in bearing and interactions with everyone at school.
  • in exams and assignments and do it with complete deliberation.
  • and accept mistakes gracefully.
  • and consciously rectify negative traits.
  • not to be judgemental in our opinion about others
  • and maintain our beliefs and values despite changing circumstances and challenging environments.

We communicate effectively

  • without using foul language or inappropriate content
  • without assumptions and are straightforward in communications.
  • and do not post things in jest.

We are courteous

  • We greet each other and our teachers with a smile.
  • We thank people sincerely for what we receive and apologize for any mistakes we might commit.
  • We express our opinions and feelings politely while dealing with staff and fellow students.
  • We make way for others while on the staircase and corridors.

We care for our environment

  • We conserve the use of electricity and water and educate others to do so.
  • We are judicious in the use of stationery and other material.
  • We use and encourage car pools in order to conserve fuel thereby reducing pollution.
  • We do not trample over plants or lawn and do not pluck leaves and flowers.
  • We do not litter.
  • We use eco-friendly products as far as possible.
  • We take pride in our school by protecting its facilities and their surroundings.

We are good citizens

  • We wholeheartedly take part in our national festivals.
  • We give due respect to our National Flag, National Anthem and our National Song.
  • We act with responsibility in building up the nation’s strength by inculcating values of patriotism and loyalty.
  • We appreciate the customs, traditions, secular feelings, unity and integrity of the nation.

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