Boarding House

A Home away from home.

A recreation room with a television set, music system, facilities for all the indoor & outdoor games, comfortable &cosy bunk beds, spic & span wash rooms, sumptuous meals in the dining hall, above all their companions and caring Wardens actually nurtures a home like feeling for these young children who live away from their families to get sound education.

Boarding facilities for boys starting from class IV onwards have been provided since the inception of the school. The double-storied building is capable of housing 192 boys. Boarders are divided into two houses each headed by a house master. The two houses are: Narmada house and Krishna house. The house masters perform the role of mentors and caretakers, making sure each child is well looked after. We understand the difficulties of a child living away from home and therefore to assist boarders during their study hour, tutors are arranged by the school. This effort is made in order to provide the boys with all the necessary tools for academic excellence.

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