The faculty of HPSR, is one of its kind .We have highly qualified and experienced staff with the spirit of service.Most of the staff members join at a young age and leave only at the time of superannuation .This goes to prove that the staff love the working environment and are in sync with the school culture and ethos. Also,this goes well for the students as having a permanent staff is a boon. The teaching fraternity caters to all learning styles and needs of students adapting to latest techniques by attending workshops and seminars. The teachers also play the role of class teachers ,house masters and mistresses, co-ordinators of academics, clubs, cultural and sports activities. Above all, they are the students best friends,philosophers and guides mentoring them and making them feel at home. The teaching staff comprises of around 80 members and non teaching staff comprises of around 20 members who manage the administrative work.

All Faculty Members




Admin Staff

Senior School Wing

Sno Name Qualification Designation Department
1 Kiran Panjwani M.A., B.Ed, PGCTE(EFLU) Vice Principal English
2 S Balachandrudu
M.Sc.,B.Ed Head Master Biology
3 Shukla Sen
M.A., B.Ed, PGCTE(EFLU), Diploma in French, Graduate in Hindustani Classical Vocul Music PGT English
4 K L Parimala
M.A., B.Ed, PGCTE(EFLU) PGT English
5 Saira John
M.A., B.Ed TGT English
6 Swati Verma
M.A.(English), M.A.(History), English(Hons), B.Ed TGT English
7 M Sumitha Reddy
M.A., M. Phil., B.Ed TGT English
8 Amitha Rao
M.A., M. Phil., B.Ed (EFLU) PST English
9 K Prameela
M.A., B.Ed TGT Telugu
10 D Madhuri Rani
M.A., TPT, M.Phil TGT Telugu
11 U Rama Krishna
M.A., TPT, M.Phil TGT Telugu
12 D Rama Krishna Reddy
M.A., TPT, Ph.D TGT Telugu
13 Veena Singh
M.A., B.Ed, Ph.D TGT Hindi
14 N S R Sharma
M.A., B.Ed, TGT Hindi
15 Lalitha Prakash
M.A., B.Ed TGT Hindi
16 G Prabhakar Yadav
M.Sc.,B.Ed PGT Mathematics
17 A Venkata Lakshmi
M.Sc.,B.Ed PGT Mathematics
18 Digamber Singh
M.Sc.,B.Ed., PGDCA TGT Mathematics
19 D Padmavati
M.Sc.,B.Ed TGT Mathematics
20 K Padma
M.Sc.,B.Ed TGT Mathematics
21 G Dayamani
M.Sc.,B.Ed TGT Mathematics
22 C Bindu
M.Sc.,B.Ed TGT Mathematics
23 T Sheela Rani
M.Sc.,B.Ed PGT Physics
24 P Poornavalli
B.Sc.,B.Ed TGT Physics
25 P Satya Prasad
M.Sc.,B.Ed TGT Physics
26 B Deepika
M.Sc.,B.Ed PGT Chemistry
27 Anju Arora
M.Sc.,B.Ed TGT Chemistry
28 K Suresh
M.Sc.,B.Ed, M.Phil TGT Chemistry
29 A Lakshmi Tulasi
M.Sc.,B.Ed PGT Biology
30 Minna Singh
B.Sc.,B.Ed TGT Biology
31 Maneesha Sharma
M.Sc.,B.Ed TGT Biology
32 K Subba Lakshni
M.A., B.Ed TGT Social Science
33 S V Deepa
M.A., B.Ed TGT Social Science
34 S Aparna
M.A., M.Com., B.Ed TGT Social Science
35 K C Geeta
M.A., B.Ed TGT Social Science
36 Srutokirti Banerjee
M.A., B.Ed TGT Social Science
37 B Swarnlata
M.Com., B.Ed PGT Commerce
38 N Sunitha
M.A., B.Ed PGT Commerce
39 S Srikanth
M.C.A.,M.Phil PGT Computer Science
40 G Sreelatha
M.Sc., M.Tech.,B.Ed TGT Computer Science
41 B Nagarjun
B.Sc.,B.Ed,M.P.Ed,NIS PGT Physical Education
42 D V Ramesh
B.Sc.,M.P.Ed,NIS, PGD Sports, Physiotherapy TGT Physical Education
43 G Kavitha Rao
M.A.,M.P.Ed, M.Phil TGT Physical Education
44 R Prakash Rao
Diploma in NTC, NAC,TTC,CTI,ATI, Wood Work(Technical) TGT Craft
45 G Pramod Reddy
M.F.A Painting TGT Art
46 D V S A Mangatai
B.A., TTc, Diploma in Carnatac Music and Veena PST Music
47 Grenville B.A. in Music, Higher from(Trinity College of London) TGT Western Music
48 Sumbul Alladin
M.A. Psychology, Diploma in Counseling Counsellor Psychology
49 B Kumari Rani
B.Ed(Special Edcucation), M.A.(Psychology) Special Educator Special Education
50 J Aparna
M.A.(History), M.Li.Sc TGT Library
51 B Karunakar Rao
M.Sc. Yoga, P.G.D.Y., DNYS PST Yoga
52 B Kranthi
M. Sc Maths TGT Mathematics

Upper Primary Wing

Sno Name Qualification Designation Department
1 N V Ranga  Raju
B.A., B,Ed,. B.F.A PST Art
2 K M Mercy Siromani
M.A., B.Ed PST English
3 Keerthi Mangalvedhe
M.A., B.Ed PST
4 K V S G Padma
B. Sc., B.Ed PST
5 J V Sridhar
M.Com.,MPA(Dance) PST Dance
6 G Geetha Vani
M.A., TPT, M.Phil., Diploma in Sanskrit PST Telugu
7 M Sunitha
M.Sc.,B.Ed PST Mathematics
8 B Rajitha
M.Sc.,B.Ed PST
9 Praveena Thakur
B. Sc., B.Ed., M.A(Psy) PST
10 K Shantilata
B. Sc., B.Ed PST
11 K Revathi
M.Sc.,B.Ed., M.Phil PST Mathematics
12 C Sridevi
M.Phil, HPT, DCP PST Hindi
13 N Geethanjali
M.Com., PGDCA PST Computer Science
14 Bhavani Mutnuri
M.A., B.Ed., CIDTT(English) PST English
15 B Archana
M.A., B.Ed PST English
16 K Ravi Sudha
M.A., B.Ed PST Telugu
17 N J S S K Gowri
M.A., B.Ed PST Hindi
18 Sheekha Sachdeva
B. Sc., B.Ed PST Mathematics
19 K Shailaja Reddy
M.A., B.Ed PST
20 V Sri Rama
B.Sc., AMI(International Montessori) PST Mathematics
21 Arunasri
M.Sc PST Science
22 memek terbang dj hbhb jmbot mmq

Junior Primary Wing

Sno Name Qualification Designation Department
1 D V Nagasai
M.A. PST Dance
2 Y Venkat Reddy
3 K R Ratnam
M.A., B.Ed PST Hindi
4 Yasmin Khan
B.A., B,Ed PST
5 P Aruna
M.A., B.Ed PST English
6 Shazia Sultana
B. Sc., B.Ed PST
7 Ruth Sunitha
M.Sc.,B.Ed PST
8 Juliet Devanandini
B. Sc., B.Ed PST
9 Tarannum Zhera
M.A., B.Ed PST
10 Sampa Sarmacharjee
M.Sc.,B.Ed PST
11 A Mrunalini
M.Sc.,B.Ed PST
12 Shameem Unnisa
M.Com., B.Ed PST
13 L Sowjanya
M.F.A Painting PST Art
14 Zehra B.Sc PST English

Administrative Staff

Sno Name Qualification Designation Department
1 Col Sanjay Kapoor
Registrar Administration
2 Ch Ashok Kumar
Accounts Manager
3 Pramod K Karanam
Mess Manager
4 Ismail Khan
Diploma in Civil Engineering Junior Maintenance Engineer
5 G Uma Maheshwari
B.A Accounts Clerk
6 N Rama Devi
B. Sc., B.Ed Accounts Clerk
7 S Venkaiah
B.A., B,Ed,. B.F.A
8 J Y Bharati
B.A Hostel Warden
9 Pramod Kumar Patnaik
B.A Hostel Warden
10 A Venkata Kumari
B.Com Accounts Clerk
11 K Vasantha Kumari
B.Com., DCA in NIIT PA to Principal
12 Surajit Pramanik
M.C.A. System Administrator
13 A Sreenivasa Reddy
B.Com., Diploma in Hotel Management Assistant Mess Manager
14 T Hymavathi
B.A., PGDPM Office Assistant
15 Hemalatha Jayaraj
B.Com Office Assistant


Two well trained, certified counselors cater to the emotional and special needs of the children.

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