INVESTITURE CEREMONY- The Investiture ceremony, a much awaited solemn occasion by the staff & the students alike.

To inculcate responsibility and social accountability in students, the school cabinet is inducted in which the students are bestowed with stars of leadership on their shoulders. The positions of Head boy, Head girl, Deputy Head boy & girl, Activity & Games captain, Environment Captain, Technology Captain etc are much sought after. At HPSR, every year, the cabinet of the school is set up at two levels- Primary and Secondary. Indeed, this is just the beginning of creating future leaders.

SCHOOL EXHIBITION-Tapping the scientific temper - An event which is going on since two decades. The working models reflect the application based learning.

The school exhibition is a platform where the students display their exhibits and extraordinary learnings in all subjects in all languages. It has become a part of the school legacy where a day is set apart for the students to explore almost all the subjects at almost all levels through an explosion of knowledge as shared with the parents too. The recent addition to this event is a 10 minute English skit tickling the funny bone of the audience. Who knows that such events may create future actors, directors, scientists , writers etc.


The national festivals of Independence Day and Republic day are celebrated with great pomp and show. Specially designed themes and skits on patriotism & world Peace are presented in the form of different items in the programme. They are awaited with great enthusiasm as it extends a valuable chance to bring the talents of the school students &teachers out in the open.


Following the tradition of the school, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is remembered and paid respects by the school students, staff and management every year on 5th September. A spectacular show is put up by students and young students can be seen in a role reversal, playing the teachers role. Teachers are presented with mementoes from the school management and the Parent teacher association.


Childrens’ Day is an all-time favourite for the students, where the teachers entertain their beloved students with stage performances. The students love to watch the teachers performing for them. The teachers too are sporting enough to dance & act to please their little audience.


Bringing the unity in diversity of our country to the stage on the school cultural day, the students present a spectrum of talent and skills to enthrall their audience. Drama and dance take the audience on a ride across fantasy lands.


Sports Day at HPSR brings its hallmark signature showing off the expansive sports fetish that has successfully stayed with the institution since its inception. The grandiose march past, excellent race patterns and order along with magnificent theme based drills steal the hearts of many and leave the audience craving for more! This day is the pride for our eaglets and makes the parents nostalgic.


School year planning is incomplete without adventurous school excursion to great locations. These are indeed educational tours and we do realize that a good amount of learning takes place outside the classrooms.

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