The school is famous for its rich flora and fauna as you enter the school premises, the lush greenery, the tall trees, the floral plants. The colorful birds cannot escape the attention of a nature enthusiast. The constant chirping of the birds makes us wonder at the marvels of nature. Many a time, you can see the ostentation of peacocks opening their feathers of bright hues dancing and enticing the bird watchers. Peacocks are surely among the most beautiful & gorgeous appearing pheasants in the animal kingdom. Very often, the students, while on a nature walk with their teachers or through the windows of their classrooms, spot the family of peacocks partying with peahens & peachicks. Indeed, they make the students and teachers happy and bright every morning by running across roads and playgrounds. The butterfly park in the rich foliage beside the JPW is going to be our new addition. It will be home to a wide variety of birds. The plants, trees, and flowers attract the attention of one and all, in the concrete jungle of Hyderabad, making us the cynosure of all eyes.

Flora Gallery

Fauna Gallery