HPSR performs many functions for the comprehensive development of the student. Leadership like any other skills has to be learned, practised and mastered. A potential leader must be provided ample opportunities to imbibe leadership qualities. The institution helps instilling the student leadership qualities by nurturing their self-esteem, which is a central element in inspiring a child to perform well. Character development grows when values are instilled in a child. Some children at HPSR revel on stage, some shine on the sports field while others excel in the classroom, thus allowing the child, to build confidence and lay foundation for leadership. Constructive criticism and whole hearted praise is the winning formula. Human values and respect for elders is instilled in children because such a person with genuine compassion is quickly recognized as potential leader. A concerted effort is put-in to raise the standard of the child, and such good behaviors are duly applauded. Support and appreciation reinforces the childs self-image and pushes them to strive for further excellence. The institution persuades children to concentrate on success and failure as a temporary setback. Making such leaders is a gradual process which requires parental support, encouragement and hard work. Such characteristics are at the core of HPSR curriculum to provide direction to students.

Leadership appears to be the art of getting others to want to do something you are convinced should be done
–   Vance Packard.

Leadership matters. No matter what the sphere, your leadership makes all the difference in the future of those you lead. A leader’s life is complicated – involving head and heart, skills and competencies, character, and values.

HPSR strives to identify individuals driven by inner motivation and the desire for success, for impact  and recognition is harnessed to make bright fired-up leaders. They will make the kind of difference that will bring about a better future for the community.

The School believes in scaffolding the leadership development of these young people of influence, with responsibilities and challenges in various areas of school activities.

A good leader, someone once said, is a guy who can step on your toes without messing up your shine.