HPSR performs many functions for the comprehensive development of the student. Leadership like any other skills has to be learned, practised and mastered. A potential leader must be provided ample opportunities to imbibe leadership qualities. The institution helps instilling the student leadership qualities by nurturing their self-esteem, which is a central element in inspiring a child to perform well. Character development grows when values are instilled in a child. Some children at HPSR revel on stage, some shine on the sports field while others excel in the classroom, thus allowing the child, to build confidence and lay foundation for leadership. Constructive criticism and whole hearted praise is the winning formula. Human values and respect for elders is instilled in children because such a person with genuine compassion is quickly recognized as potential leader. A concerted effort is put-in to raise the standard of the child, and such good behaviors are duly applauded. Support and appreciation reinforces the childs self-image and pushes them to strive for further excellence. The institution persuades children to concentrate on success and failure as a temporary setback. Making such leaders is a gradual process which requires parental support, encouragement and hard work. Such characteristics are at the core of HPSR curriculum to provide direction to students.


Education must equip the young for adult life.It equips all lifelong learners. Education broadens mind like a farmers prepares a field for crops but the environment transforms the crops into much more than dreamed of. We, at HPSR believe that children need abilities to be successful and relevant life skills when learned young makes life different for them. Our kids today live in complicated 21st century. Therefore the necessity to incorporate the teaching of life skills along with reading writing and arithmetic. Communication skills, goal setting, decision making skills, conflict resolution skills, interpersonal, critical thinking skills to name a few where education comes alive for students as they learn, not only from teachers but also from their peers in group activities. These skills that our students learn not only helps academic achievements but also helps them to interact with peers, family members and eventually at their workplaces. More importantly life skills instruction prepares our children for life. To motivate this generation to move and reach to higher levels our institution has recognized life skills teaching to be a major parameter that allows children to think big, to speak their mind, take responsibility, take initiative, analyze information, manage time and money etc. thereby making them, successful learners and active citizens.


The core philosophy of HPS with regard to education includes relationships among education ,technology and innovations and the relationship among teachers ,students and parents. The learners readily adopt and adept technology ,thus transforming education. Innovation in education does not necessarily require high tech and complex solutions. Often innovation is about an attitude of mind or culture and we at HPS build a sociocultural learning environment which plays a significant role in the cognitive developmental process of the students .Needless to say,we also believe in inclusive education ,thus welcoming students from all walks of life.
We are beginning to see new collaborative approaches in which teachers and students are co learners. We have moved away from traditional delivery towards more student centric, facilitated and constructive models, a project based learning in which teacher is the guide. Focus is increasingly on participation and negotiation rather than direction and instruction. We believe in democratization of education, an approach in education which is done with and by learners rather than done to them. Building capacity through interdependence is the mantra.
Training young minds to think out of the box, we have been using more sophisticated practices to learning and moving towards more sophisticated forms of assessment and evaluation. Keeping the vision of our school in mind ,our endeavour is always to provide wholesome education with the core values intact, thus training our students to become global citizens and future leaders.