HPS – Our Pride

Amazing sprawling campus with attractive flora and fauna.

Expansive grounds for all kinds of games, state of the art synthetic tennis, and basketball courts with a skating rink alongside archery being a new addition.

Acquiring education is not limited to textbooks,students indulge in plenty of co-curricular and extracurricular activities unleashing their creative energies.

NCC ( Army and Navy) wing caters to develop character building, secular outlook, and a sense of camaraderie among fellow students. Attending the annual camps, Republic day camps enable them to earn the “A” Certificate.

Dance, music, art, craft, and yoga classes are an intrinsic part of the curriculum to enable students to lead a stress-free life.

Trekking and rock climbing, on the one hand, energizes young children. On the other hand, they look at nature with awe and respect its sanctity.

Annual staff and student tours outside the city help us to recharge.

Periodic health audits of staff and students is an added advantage. Many a time,eye defects & dental carries are diagnosed and communicated to the parents.

We surprise the students with memorable events like parasailing, personality development programs by eminent psychologists, and moot court by leading lawyers.

  • HPS is not just a school; it is a happy home for children where they develop holistically.
  • Monthly field trips leave us wanting for more.
  • Friday Activity clubs allow the students to pursue their hobbies and interests and sometimes it becomes their true calling.
  • Working for social cause and community service is the all-permeating spirit in the eaglets. Students visiting orphanages, nursing homes, engaging in Swachch Bharat campaign, well being out of waste programs,tree plantation, etc. bear testimony to that.
  • Safety measures: The school counselors share videos like good touch and bad touch, educating the children on the perils of talking to strangers. Road safety measures are also taught.