HPSR provides for its students the best of sporting facilities. The vast grounds make for many sports to be played in school. A permanent 300 meters raised border Track for Track events, Standard football field, Hockey field, Volleyball complex with four courts, basketball complex, various courts for Kabaddi, Badminton, Throwball, Tennikoit, and Kho-Kho. Provisions have been made for Indoor games such as Table tennis, carom, and chess.


Athletics involve competitive running, jumping, throwing, and walking, combining speed, strength, endurance, and coordinative abilities. In essence, it is how fast one can generate a maximal force. Athletics competitions are primarily based on human physical competition, demanding the qualities of stamina, fitness, and skill.


The ability to turn quickly and sharply with the ball is of utmost importance to achieving success in football. Ball control refers to a player’s ability to dribble, to pass, to collect the ball, and gain control of it using all parts of the body, including feet, legs, chest, and head, ultimately to score a goal or to defend


Hockey requires high levels of skill, playing tactics, mental and physical fitness. At the competency level, the student learns to practice necessary skills of rolling, dribbling, passing, receiving, stopping, and shooting. At the proficiency level, the students perform individual skills proficiently and understand the most complex strategies and systems of play demanded by the game.


‘Cricket is a game that requires talent of batting bowling and fielding. The formula for success comes from the strength of the mind. A successful player needs the right balance and strength, speed for running between the wickets and in the field, and fast bowlers particularly need excellent speed and power.


Basketball is a free flowing and high scoring game in which students are allowed to move freely and take any position around the court in order to score baskets. In this game specific training that helps ensure that the players have good muscle endurance to enhance their technical skills.


Volleyball is a game in which players hit the ball with their hands or arms. The students require good reflexes and strong tactical skills. At competency level, the students become acquainted with basic skills of sending and receiving the ball over the net.


The object of the game is to maneuver the ball in such a way that the opponent is not able to play a valid return. The player who is unable to return the ball will not gain a point, while the opposite player will.

Tennis is a sport that features bursts of vigorous activity followed by periods of rest. Moreover, these bursts of activity vary from match to match, set to set, and even point to point. One might play a long rally on one point and then a short one on the next.


Kabaddi is generally perceived as a power game. It needs sharp reflexes, tactical intelligence, and good judgment. The game requires agility, excellent lung capacity, muscular coordination, presence of mind, and quick responses. For a single player to take on seven opponents is no mean task, requiring players to dare and concentrate and anticipate the opponent’s moves.


The ball is thrown over the net, where a member of the other team tries to catch the ball and quickly throw it back across the net. One can throw gently or hard or underhand, overhand, or sidearm.


Archery is a sport in which a bow and arrow are used for shooting. The main aim is to shoot at a target. At the competency level, students become acquainted with the necessary skills of archery, such as adopting stance, nocking the arrow, and releasing the arrow. For this, the archer requires tremendous focus and concentration to release the arrow at the aim.


Skating and conditioning skills are improving self-discipline, teamwork, concentration, and coordination, beginner to advanced skaters the opportunity to improve and increase their roller skills.