The western music department is a branch of the personality development section of the school. Firstly and most importantly, the child’s personality is being shaped through the singing classes. The singing classes turn out to be a workshop in learning different songs on topics of Morality, Social Accountability, unity in diversity, racial problems, social evils, and soft skills. The western music department also trains students in solo instruments like guitar, keyboards, Drums, etc., and encourages them to form group-wise bands and perform in and out of the school for various events and competitions. This activity, which requires teamwork, promotes a healthy and stable social environment in the school amongst the students. The school band, “ Rhythm of Hope,” is one such program that has been very successful through the years singing songs of hope and encouragement in and out of the school, bringing joy to many and a sense of achievement to the students. “Rhythm of Hope has brought the school much honor and intends continuing to do so.